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Your SeeArch can help take you from an overboard situation to your rescue*

Our Manual

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The SeeArch Manual

Our detailed manual outlines instructions and guidelines for use and maintenance. This is a must-read before heading out on the water with your SeeArch.

Rearm Video

How to rearm your SeeArch

Once you’ve deployed your SeeArch it’s time to rearm with a new SeeArch Rearm Kit (RA-33-01). Watch this short demo video and read the instructions included in the package and in our manual to learn how.

Repack Video

How to repack your SeeArch

Now that you’ve rearmed your SeeArch it’s time to repack. Watch our short demo video and read the step-by-step instructions in our manual to learn how to repack your SeeArch.

Watch all of our videos in our Vimeo Showcase or on YouTube.

Two tips for fully deflating your SeeArch bladder

Once you’ve deployed your SeeArch, you’ll need to (1) rearm with a new CO2 cylinder and (2) repack the arch (bladder) into your SeeArch pack. Before you can do either of these you’ll need to fully deflate the bladder. Here are our two tips for ensuring you get all of the air out of your bladder:

  • Press the valve of the oral inflation tube to release air. You can reverse the oral inflation tube dust cap to press on the valve. Once you’ve deflated the bladder, replace the dust cap. Have a friend help by pressing the valve while you roll the bladder to remove excess air.

  • Roll the arch/bladder beginning at the point farthest from oral inflator tube. Roll slowly and firmly, squeezing the air out gently. Think of it as a toothpaste tube - rolling from the bottom to get every last bit out. Do not twist or wring.

Our friends at Steadii Creative sit down with our inventor, Neil Darroch to talk about what inspired the creation of the SeeArch and what sets it apart from other products on the market.