Our Story

I met a fellow sailor at a regatta who’s experience sparked my initial idea for the SeeArch. Years earlier, while sailing his boat across Lake Ontario, he wound up in the water far from land as his boat sailed away on autohelm.

As he shared this story with me, the horror of the situation began to sink in. What if it were me? What if it was someone I loved, a friend?

Fortunately for this gentleman, the coastguard was alerted after his unmanned boat was seen crashing into the shore. The wave conditions were mild, and luckily one of the Coast Guard crew spotted his frantically waving arms. The gentleman told me that he was extremely fortunate that he been found. Finding a person in the water, even in calm conditions, can extremely difficult.

That afternoon, I sat down with a piece of paper and started to sketch ideas for a device that would make us visible in the water.

It needed to help keep you afloat in case you weren’t wearing a life jacket, but also compatible with a PFD. 

It needed to be with you all of the time, so easy to wear that you would always have it when you needed it.

It needed to help with recovery once boat came alongside you.

And most importantly, it needed to make you visible to rescuers.

The task was not easy. After many prototypes and hours of testing, consultations with the Coast Guard, engineers, designers, friends and sailors, I found the answer. The answer is the SeeArch.

Neil Darroch
Inventor of the SeeArch